Appointments in NFRA

S.No. Number Date Title Attachments
1 NFRA-05-4-2021-Comp-MCA 01/10/2021 Appointment of new Chairperson NFRA.
2 NF-12042-3-2020 23/08/2021 Extension of Tenure of TAC for NFRA
3 NF-12019(11)-3-2019-ESTT-NFRA 18/11/2020 Appointment of Secretary NFRA
4 NF-12-42-3-2020 17/07/2020 Constitution of Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for NFRA.
5 NFRA-05-6-2018-NFRA-MCA 24/06/2020 Appointment of Part-time Members in NFRA.
6 NFRA-05-6-2018-NFRA-MCA 28/02/2019 Gazette Notification of Appointment of part-time Members in NFRA.